See Mrs. Drumm for more info on any of the events  listed below!  

Fall Visitor:
  • August 29- UGA visits AHS 1:30p (Sign up with Mrs. Drumm before )
  • September 1 - UAB visits AHS 11- 12p
  • September 12- Army Recruiter visits AHS 11-12p
  • September 20- Samford visits AHS 11-12p

Fall Happenings:

  • September 6 - PROBE Fair  (Deadline to sign up is Friday, 8/26.)
  • October 18 - ACT Prep Class 4 - 6:30p (Sign up on line at
  • October 26 - ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Test 8:30a (Sign up with Mrs. Drumm.)
  • December 13 - Financial Aid Workshop 6:30p in the auditorium.

SENIORS: Fall Checklist

1. Complete a Senior Profile for Mrs. Drumm.

2. Schedule a Senior conference for you and your

parents with Mrs. Drumm ASAP.

3. Start making plans for after graduation NOW.

 College?

Take the ACT or SAT, ASSET, or COMPASS?

Apply online early!

Request transcripts by signing the clip board on Mrs. Drumm’s door.

Plan a campus visit. (See Mrs. Drumm for a permission form at least 5 days in advance. Limit 1 .)

Seek scholarships: (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Check business websites: Comcast, Church’s, Coca-Cola, NWGA Credit Union, etc.

Listen closely to announcements for local scholarship info.

 Military?

Speak with a recruiter.

Take the ASVAB. (The ASVAB will be given at AHS on October 26.)

 Work Force?


What is the application process?

Is special training needed? (Mechanical Trades Institute, for example)

 Undecided? Check out these websites or see Mrs. Drumm for help!

Mrs. Drumm’s email:

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